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Media Director

UF Class of 2024

Accent Class | Fall 2021
Major | Art

Hometown | Tampa, FL
Voice Part | Soprano
Audition Song | “When I Was Your Man" opb. Bruno Mars

I'm Kelly ! Like from Kelly and Krystal :) I've always been singing since I was young, being in school choirs and county/state choirs from elementary to high school. I got introduced to the a cappella in high school and it became a life's passion, so needless to say, being in Accent is one of the most important parts of me ! I am proud to be in a group of the most talented people I know who also happen to be my best friends :) Art is also a life passion of mine, as I've been drawing since I was 2 and hope to be a tattoo artist one day (sorry mom and dad haha) ! My twin Krystal and started a personal brand together called K/THEM, where we screen print our own designs on apparel and accessories, and we sell at markets in Gainesville. I feel obligated to say that I am a Pisces sun, Aries moon, and Pisces rising, and also an ENFP, and am proud to say I am mixed Indigenous Malaysian/Indo-Guyanese. GO ACCENT GO ACCENT GO ACCENT !!!

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