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Summer 2024 Virtual Auditions Are Now Open!

In your audition video, perform your solos and range test (and beatbox, if applicable).

(Note: If you are a vocal percussionist [beatboxer], you are not required to do a solo or range tests, but we strongly recommend it.)


Sing a verse and chorus of one song or choose two contrasting songs that highlight any range of styles that suit your voice. 

Show off the skills that make you stand out!


Range Test

In addition to your solo(s), demonstrate your vocal range by singing along to both the exercises in the attached music files [check form button below] on the following syllables: "la" going up and "loo" going down. Try to go as high and as low as you possibly can.

The audio files for the range test can be found below: 


Vocal Percussion/Beatboxer

If you are a vocal percussionist, show us a 1-2 minute sample of your best beatboxing skills with all the tricks in your repertoire. In addition, include a 15-30 second clip of you beatboxing to a simple beat with a metronome set to 100 BPM.

Keep up with us on our Instagram to find out when in-person auditions open in the fall!

If you have any further questions about Accent, please feel free to contact us through our website or directly to our email at

Last updated: May 24, 2024.

Range Test Upward UpdatedAccent
00:00 / 01:34
Range Test Downward UpdatedAccent
00:00 / 00:56
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