What does No Southern Accent sing?

Collegiate a cappella is not limited to a single genre, and No Southern Accent is no exception. From pop to rock to indie to oldies to anything else entirely, we sing what our members  and audiences are excited about. Check out our Music page to hear the versatility of our song selections!

How do I become a member of No Southern Accent?

If you are a University of Florida student, head over to our Auditions page for details! 

Who is No Southern Accent looking for?

While the size of No Southern Accent fluctuates, we typically maintain around fourteen members, composed of sopranos, mezzos, alto, tenors, baritones, and basses each, joined by one vocal percussionist. Regardless of our current roster, we encourage every voice part to audition. Any certain musical experience is not a prerequisite to audition. Many of our past members' experiences prior to auditioning have included some of the following: concert choirs, vocal jazz, opera, musical theater, dance, rap, instrumental band, personal singer/songwriter work, and vocal percussion.

What is the time commitment of No Southern Accent?

The group generally conducts evening rehearsals three times a week for two hours each, the schedule of which is dependent on member availability. During competition season or before an otherwise important performance, rehearsals are extended and may also be added during weekends. Additionally, out-of-town gigs, conferences, or competitions demand road trips and overnight stays. Ultimately, academics come first for our members, but No Southern Accent is definitely a commitment.

Does No Southern Accent accept Innovation Academy students?

Yes. With auditions typically held at the beginning of each fall term, however, No Southern Accent is generally active in the fall and spring semesters only, and full participation throughout our season is required of all members.

Does No Southern Accent accept graduate students?

Yes. As with any undergraduate member of No Southern Accent, a graduate student's studies must be their first priority, with No Southern Accent as a close second. Our executive board works closely with all of our members and their schedules to optimize rehearsal and gig times.

Does No Southern Accent accept Santa Fe College students?

Unfortunately, as an official University of Florida student organization, we only accept members who are currently enrolled at the University of Florida.

How is No Southern Accent similar to Pitch Perfect?

Just like the Barden Bellas, No Southern Accent actively competes in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA). We also arrange our own music, choreograph our own sets, and manage our own rehearsals and events. Additionally, the film franchise's arranger, on-site musical director, and vocal producer, Deke Sharon, has worked closely with us in a master class.

How do I keep in touch with No Southern Accent?

No Southern Accent loves our fans! We frequently perform at gigs both on- and off-campus. You can stay in tune with what we are up to via our Facebook and YouTube pages under "No Southern Accent". You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @NSAccent. Make sure you hashtag #goNSA when giving us shout-outs!

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