Auditions for the 2016-2017 school year were held on August 26th-29th, in room G325 of the Reitz Union. When next fall rolls around, you will be able to sign up for your audition slot here!

Auditions for No Southern Accent are a two-part process: everyone who signs up to sing for us will complete a solo audition, and a portion of these individuals will be invited to rejoin us for callbacks a few days later.

Solo audition:
Solo auditions are about 10 minutes long and are led by our executive board. Other members of our group—up to 9 people total—may also be sitting in, to listen to you sing and offer encouragement! Here is what you should expect.

  • For this audition, please prepare a verse and a chorus of a song that you like, which you will be asked to sing for us by yourself and without accompaniment. There are no restrictions on your song choice, although we recommend that you pick something contemporary in style. The most important things are that it shows off your talent (range! musicality! tone! etc), and that you feel good performing it.

For ideas about what makes a good audition song, check out our current members’ audition songs in their bios under our Members tab!

  • You will then be asked to sing scales to test your range, as well as sing back notes that are played to you (pitch matching). We will walk you through both of these activities.
  • Time permitting, you may also be offered the option to sight read or complete additional listening exercises. These are not required, and can only affect you positively (there are no consequences for trying them or for choosing not to)!


Callbacks will be held after all auditions have been completed.

If invited to attend callbacks, a member of No Southern Accent will teach you (and all of the auditionees in your voice part) an excerpt from one of our songs. Auditionees will then be called up in groups of four—one singer from each voice part—to perform what you have learned together, as a quartet.

This is a great time for you to show us that you can hold your own vocally, that you can blend well with other singers, and that you have great performance quality as a member of a group!


On the night of Monday 8/29, once all solo auditions have been conducted, No Southern Accent will notify you by email whether or not you have been invited to attend our callbacks.
At callbacks, we'll fill you in on the rest!


If I have never sung a cappella before/I only sing for fun/I am used to singing a different style, etc... can I still audition?
YESSSS PLEASE. We welcome people who like to sing from all backgrounds and experience levels! If you have something to bring to our family, please do not be shy. We want to hear it.

What are you looking for during auditions?
Aside from general musicality and tone, we are keeping an eye out when you sing for comfort and performance quality. We also love to see general enthusiasm and a positive attitude; we are looking for not only new voices, but new friends.

How should I dress for my audition?
We're not judging you on this! We'll be in business casual, but dress however you feel good about presenting yourself.

Will the audition include time to warm up?
In order to move through auditions efficiently and since everyone's voice is different, we won't really have a chance to warm up with you in the audition room. If you know how to best warm up your voice, it is a great idea to do this yourself ahead of time! If you do not, that's ok too-- singing through your audition song a couple of times before you get to the audition will help get your voice feeling ready to perform.

I have a special skill: I beatbox, or rap, or arrange music, or can make a startlingly believable trumpet sound (etc). Should I bring this up at auditions?
Yes. Yes, you should. (If performance-based, be prepared to follow it up with a brief demo so that we can admire you).

Can I audition for more than one a cappella group?
Absolutely! Although you can ultimately only accept membership into one of UF’s student a cappella groups, we encourage you to explore your options and make sure the one that you join is the one that you feel most comfortable in and excited about.

I have another question...
You can look for it on our general FAQ page, or reach out and ask! To get in touch with us, use the Contact form above or any of our social media links below.