“To perform purposeful and memorable music conveying impactful narratives that establish a connection with each other and our audience.”

No Southern Accent, the University of Florida's first and longest-standing a cappella group, was founded in 2001 by Laura Silva and Cara Christeson. At the time of our group's founding, the collegiate a cappella scene was dominated by universities in the Northeast. As one of the first prominent groups from the South, our founders chose to make our respectability as musicians clear from our name—indeed, we do not on the whole have southern accents.

Today, No Southern Accent is wholly comprised of and run by musical University of Florida students across all years and majors. We bond and continue to represent the South proudly by performing at events sponsored by the university, gigs hosted by parties in the Gainesville area, and events hosted by third parties up and down the East coast.

We also represent the University of Florida at regional and nationwide competitions, including the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA), of which we were the 2014 South Quarterfinal champions.

We have released two studio albums to-date: Group Therapy (2011) and Good to the Last Drop (2016)both available on iTunes and Spotify!