No Southern Accent was founded in 2001 by Laura Silva and Cara Christeson, becoming the first a cappella group at the University of Florida and one of the first in the South. Because the a cappella scene was then heavily concentrated in the Northeast, our founders sought to distinguish themselves as musicians within the group’s name. Indeed, as a whole, No Southern Accent has never been a “country” group with Southern accents. Nearly two decades later, we stand as a group run by University of Florida students of various majors, identities, voice parts, and musical interests.

Our goal is for our music to connect us to each other and our audiences. Time separates the different eras of No Southern Accent, but family is the overarching theme of our legacy. No matter the occasion, we commit our bonds and emotional depth to every performance. In addition, we strive to choose music that does justice to the diversity of people in our group and our society.

Locally, we perform at university-sponsored events & private gigs in the state, record professional albums, and spend time together as a group. Nationally, No Southern Accent travels and represents the University of Florida at a variety of selective competitions & showcases, bringing home awards and accolades. Listed are our most recent:

Boston Sings 2019 | 3rd Place, Best Staging, Outstanding Soloist | Boston, MA

ICCA South Quarterfinal 2019 | 3rd Place | Gainesville, FL (Watch)

The Betsy A Cappella Festival 2018 | Collegiate Showcase | Miami, FL (Watch

SoJam XV | 3rd Place, Best Costume, Best Execution of Theme | Durham, NC (Watch)

In May of 2019, No Southern Accent finished recording its third studio album, which is set to release in the Fall. In addition to a single from that album, To Build a Home, we have two more releases: Good to the Last Drop (2016) and Group Therapy (2011), our first two albums. Our recorded music is available on Spotify & iTunes. Check out our music page.

Interested in joining No Southern Accent? Click here to learn how you can audition.